Piano Videos

A good foundation is important for learning any new instrument. We have created video lessons for piano to help supplement your music education. In each video we learn a new key and with that key, the scale, arpeggio, and fingerings for that key. Then we learn the chords within that key, finally we will apply those chords to a popular song. We are not teaching the songs note for note, instead we are applying the chords to become comfortable and familiar with the chords within the key. 

We recommend following the Circle of 5th’s through the videos. Not sure what the Circle of 5th’s is? No problem, click here. Want to know what the Circle of 5th’s is? Perfect! Head over to our Lessons page and sign up for one-on-one lessons today. We offer virtual online lessons, or if your are in the Inland Empire area of Southern California we can provide in person lessons. 

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