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Discover Your Heartbeat Through Music

At Bach To The Basics, we believe that music is the heartbeat everyone can hear. Our mission is to help you discover your own rhythm and learn to play an instrument or sing your heart out. We offer a wide range of music lessons for all ages and skill levels, including piano, guitar, trumpet, drums, ukulele, and singing. No matter where you live, we can teach you.

Our Approach:

  • Tailored Lessons: We build and customize music lessons around your unique goals and needs.
  • In-Person lessons: We offer in-person lessons at competitive rates.

We’re also a valuable resource for band students, providing extra help and filling in any gaps they may be facing. We understand the importance of education and firmly believe that music education is just as crucial. Music truly is the heartbeat everyone can hear.

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"Peter’s servant dedication for student learning, loyalty to the students and their families, and custom-tailored classes have our 10 year old son performing drums at middle-school levels. His passion for music education is clearly visible, and we are thrilled for his interest in our son’s journey."
Eric & Stephanie H.
"Peter makes learning fun and easy to understand. I enjoy my time with him."
Sticks Drum Play Music Drums Tool  - mmamontov / Pixabay
10 y/o Student


Unparalleled Quality

We provide exceptional lessons at affordable rates. Music should be accessible for everyone.


Corona Youth Chorus
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